Our Supplier Technical Audit Service is targeted at company’s that currently use a supplier, but who are unhappy with the performance, delivery, quality or reliability of the parts or services supplied.

With over 25 years experience in international manufacturing & supply chain management our team have the right people to help solve the issues you face with your suppliers. We work very well with both sides to ensure an outcome that will both be beneficial, and most importantly – achievable.

Our method is to audit the supplier’s factory, starting with the incoming material and carrying through to their manufacturing & test processes and out to quality assurance, customer returns and to you. We identify the critical processes key to manufacturing quality product & then recommend Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) solutions to the supplier.

The improvements we recommend will help to improve the supplier’s product quality, delivery and understanding of what you expect. We expect the supplier to implement these process improvements within 2 months.

For audit items that indicate a non-conformity to the suppliers own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) / Work Instructions (WI), we require an immediate fix, or within 24 hours. By adopting this method, the supplier is able to produce a consistent quality product, on time, and to budget – making your life a whole lot easier.

This audit also helps to improve communication with the suppliers as we clarify all of the key stakeholders expectations – ensuring we’re all working on the same page.


Why choose us?

  1. We have the expertise,  technical knowledge and experience in manufacturing to ensure your success. Our staff have over 25 years of working experience in the manufacturing environment.
  2. Our staff are heavily involved in our Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and reliability testing, providing us with a strong understanding of the processes within manufacturing the suppliers need to improve to have consistent quality products.
  3. Our staff speak both English and Mandarin.
  4. We understand the culture here – working together is the best path forward.
  5. We have the network to ensure you get the results that you need.

Developing the Supplier Technical Audit plan:

  1. First we will meet with you and your team to determine the scope of the audit and tailor our expectations to ensure we meet yours.
  2. If client presently encountered quality issues, we need to understand the problem, that way we can target this area when we audit your supplier.
  3. Next we develop the audit plan based on the supplier’s Quality Control Plan or Process Management Plan
  4. We’ll then communicate with the supplier to determine the audit schedule and the audit agenda.

Performing the audit

We’ll be onsite at your suppliers location to carry out an audit of the following areas:

  • Incoming inspection
  • Receiving store & kitting
  • SMT/MI – BOM, placement, and soldering
  • Assembly
  • Box build
  • Packaging
  • Debug/Repair
  • Outgoing QA
  • Finish goods
  • Reliability test
During the audit we’ll bridge the gap between you and your supplier to ensure everyone is focused and up to date.


Formal reporting

Once we’ve performed the audited we’ll formally document our findings, recommendations and all non-conformances found during the process.

  • Outline
  • Audit scope
  • Executive Summary
  • Audit summary
  • Audit Areas List the audit area
  • Audit Results
  • List of audit findings & observations
  • Area not following their WI/SOP
  • Area of opportunities for improvement

This report will be provided to the client and the supplier as a formal document from which both sides will work to.


Following up

During the follow up period we’ll chase down the responses we need to ensure the supplier is actively improving their performance.

  • Bi-weekly email on follow-up audit open items status.
  • Review their corrective actions before close those open items.
  • Conference call with the supplier, if needed.
  • All open items should be closed within 2 months from the audit date.

Audit schedule

  • Typical audit duration is two full days in the supplier factory.
  • Lead time for preparation of the audit is dependent upon current workload.

What have we audited?

We audit a wide range of suppliers, many of which sell to top-tier equipment manufactures who rely on brand loyalty, quality, and reliability of their end products to ensure their success. A brief list of the supplier types we’ve audited includes:

  • PCBA suppliers
  • Box Build suppliers
  • Power Supply suppliers
  • LCD suppliers
  • Membrane suppliers
  • Sensor suppliers
  • Motor supplier

Where to from here?

If you’re experiencing issues with your suppliers then feel free to send us an enquiry, or get us on the phone. We are pragmatic, experienced and willing to help.