Environmental testing encompasses all testing geared towards qualifying a product to operating in climatic and mechanical environments around the world. It is conducted to ensure the product will operate as intended and reliably in environments that are common to where the product will be used and/or transported.

GMR Solutions is able to plan, conduct, and report on all of the following environmental tests. In addition, we’re able to work with you to decide which test is the most appropriate for your product type.

  • Climatic Testing: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Atmosphere, and Water.
  • Mechanical Testing: Shock, Sinusoidal and Random Vibration, Drop, Impact, and flex.
  • International Test Standards: MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-202, IEC60068, ASTM Series, etc.

Visit our international test standards list located on the service menu for a range of the environmental tests applicable to most products.

What Type of Products?

Almost any type of product imaginable should be subjected to at least some form of environmental testing during the development cycle. Anything from consumer electronics, commercial equipment, vehicles, through to mechanical assemblies, pumps, and air conditioning units should be tested to ensure it will operate reliably in a range of climates and conditions.

Test Manager

GMR Solutions has the expertise and international partner network to manage your environmental testing from concept to completion. We’ll work with you to decipher which tests to conduct, arrange the testing for you and report on the results with experience based recommendations for improvement.

From non operational transit testing to fully operational climatic testing GMR Solutions offers a services for any company, world wide.

International Test Network

We have international partner labs across the globe, with solid relationships in Singapore, Australia, Singapore, and the greater Asia region. Through our extensive partner network we can provide the most cost effective service to any organization, anywhere in the world.

When to Perform Environmental Testing

As soon as possible. Most environmental tests can be performed during the early stages of development. The only caveat to this statement is that performing environmental testing to international test standards is typically best left until the Pilot Production phase to ensure that samples subjected to the qualification process are of sound quality, without design flaws.